28 September 2017

Green Hill - Una storia di libertà (2013)

On April 28 2012, in Montichiari Italy, at 16: 15, in broad daylight, amidst a crowd of over 1,000 protestors, animal activists broke into the compound of Green Hill laboratory animal breeders and liberated 27 beagles. It was a bold, brazen, defiant, and iconic act of defiance, resistance, and liberation. Soon after, the Green Hill compound was closed and hundreds of beagles were adopted to loving homes.

Fermare Green Hill (2014)

"Stop Green Hill" is the story of a dream. Of a strategy. Of overcoming limits and of individuals. It's also about a multinational, that over two years, has lost its revenues based on the suffering of animals bred for laboratories: 250 dogs sent each month to research centres throughout Europe. The departure was from Green Hill in Montichiari, Brescia province, the destination was Paradise. After years of silence on "animal experiments" a debate has ensued in Italy regarding the legality and ethical justification of a practice that has become commonplace in the whole of Europe. For the activists it has been the success of a campaign led with creativity, determination and with the awareness that even the most just actions may have consequences which must be paid, if the limit of legality happens to be on the wrong side. This is why, after the success of the Stop Green Hill campaign, the job could not be considered completed: a being suffers regardless of whether it is a man, a dog or a mouse.

27 September 2017

An Apology to Elephants (2013)

This documentary traces mankind's long history with elephants and explores the many problems that arise when they are brought to live in captivity in zoos and circuses.


Voiceless Friends - The Chinese Dog Meat Trade Exposed (2013)

Animal Equality have undertaken an intensive investigation into slaughterhouses and the dog meat markets in the Leizhou peninsula and the rest of the province of Guangdong in China. Dogs raised for the meat markets are often taken from the street or stolen from families. These animals are kept almost their entire lives confined in wire cages where they suffer terribly both physically and psychologically. Whilst in the cramped cages, they are scared. They suffer from hunger, extreme temperatures, and a lack of food and water. Their deaths are horrific: various blows to the head leave the animals in a semi-conscious state before being stabbed to death. The dogs are bled out and die after agonising minutes whilst struggling in a desperate bid to stay alive.

31 August 2017

Dominion (2018)

'Dominion' is the feature-length documentary sequel to 2014's Lucent. While Lucent focused mostly on the Australian pig farming industry, Dominion will have a much broader scope as a comprehensive account of the numerous ways animals are used and abused in Australia. By exploring six primary facets of our interaction with animals - Pets, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food - the film will question the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.


22 July 2017

Den fine pelskåpa di (1977)

A Norwegian anti-fur movie made by Bredo Greve and Svein Krøvel back in 1977. Greve was hired to make the movie by the Swiss company "European Committee for the Protection of Seals and other fur Animals", and was shot guerilla-style at a fur-animal farm near Oslo. Despite its good reception, it has rarely been seen by the public.

20 July 2017

Raid on Reykjavik Reloaded (2012)

On the November 6th 1986, the small and sleepy capital of Iceland woke up to a very special morning. Twenty five years after the sabotage a young journalist is coming to Iceland to write the piece on the renewed whaling. Instead she starts to follow a fascinating story of a sabotage, try to learn about its motives and actual executing as well as consequences.


22 June 2017

Devour the Earth (1995)

Devour the Earth is a 1995 British short documentary film about the global consequences of meat consumption. The film was produced by the Vegetarian Society, written by Tony Wardle and narrated by Paul McCartney.

13 June 2017

Vegan: Everyday Stories (2016)

Vegan: Everyday Stories is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of four remarkably different people who share a common thread - they're all vegan. The movie traces the personal journeys of an ultramarathon runner who has overcome addiction to compete in one hundred mile races, a cattle rancher's wife who creates the first cattle ranch turned farmed animal sanctuary in Texas, a food truck owner cooking up knee-buckling plant-based foods, and an 8-year-old girl who convinces her family of six to go vegan.


10 June 2017

The Herd (2014)

Imprisoned within inhuman squalor with other women. Paula's existence and human function is abused as a resource by her captors. Escape, on any level, is hopeless as the women are condemned to a life of enforced servitude at the whims of their imprisoners for one reason only - their milk.