26 February 2017

Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist (2010)

Seen through the eyes of activist Peter Jay Brown, Confessions grants the viewer an intimate look at shipboard life amongst these self proclaimed animal saviors and sea rebels who shaped the green movement we know and love today. Peter and his associates' exploits are as much comedy as cause. These extremists proudly fly the skull and cross-bones while performing extraordinary feats of daring on the high seas. Their fleet of ramming vessels inflicts damage to whalers, illegal drift-netters, and seal hunters that operate illegally world-wide. The hard nosed cast of characters exude bravery and whit, all while engaging in action packed conflict including sinkings, boardings, arrests, and plenty of rammings.


25 February 2017

Vegan 2016

Covers the ever growing vegan movement and how it's best for the animals, human health, and the planet.

24 February 2017

Le gavage en question: une enquête au pays du foie gras (2009)

Far from the industry's reassuring propaganda, the footage shot by Stop Gavage and PMAF (CIWF France) documents the most insane treatment of sentient animals: regular culling of female ducklings at birth, contention of millions of birds in individual battery cages, pneumatic force feeding resulting in appalling health conditions and increased mortality rates.

22 February 2017

Entretiens avec un égalitariste: Yves Bonnardel (2012)

The 2012 film "Encounters with an Egalitarian" by the French Swiss director Gwennaël Bolomey gives us the golden opportunity to see into the mind of Yves Bonnardel - a French activist committed to egalitarianism and animal causes and the author of numerous articles, pamphlets and essays. The two men, longtime friends, met on several occasions, both at Yves's countryside retreat and at activist events. These interviews help to sketch a portrait of a thinker who, in the last twenty years, has had a very strong influence on the French-speaking anti-speciesism movement.


Protecting the Web (1989)

Using the metaphor of a spider's web, this film helps young viewers understand that all living things are part of the earth's ecosystem and that the choices they make in everyday life can help or hurt other living creatures. Recommended for children, 9-13.

The Ugly Truth (2010)

The BUAV has carried out an undercover investigation inside a major UK animal laboratory and discovered the truth about botox animal testing. Their investigator found that at a lab in Hampshire around 74,000 mice a year are being subjected to cruel poisoning tests for botox.

21 February 2017

The Time is Now: Ending Primate Research in the EU (2010)

The BUAV's compelling video that presents the arguments for an end to experiments on primates in the EU.

Monkey Misery in Laos (2010)

This BUAV investigation is the first to uncover the massive and expanding trade in primates for research from Laos. Monkeys are captured and breed for international research industry. This expose of the cruelty and suffering inflicted on thousands of primates raises serious concerns to do with animal welfare, the conservation status of the macaque species in SE Asia and the implementation of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) regulations.

20 February 2017

Behind the Mustache (2007)

More than 80,000 calves are slaughtered every year in California, the nation's largest dairy state. In this video, Farm Sanctuary investigates the dairy industry.

19 February 2017

Lancaster Stockyards: Then and Now (2007)

Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur revisits Lancaster Stockyards, now abandoned and crumbling more than 20 years after Farm Sanctuary began reform efforts there.

Cull of the Wild: The Truth Behind Trapping (2001)

Every year, between 4 and 5 million animals are trapped and killed in the United States for the commercial fur trade. Millions more are killed because they accidentally stumble into traps meant for other species. CULL OF THE WILD examines the history and the legacy of the trapping industry in America today. The film explains and demonstrates different types of traps, and the viewer gets to see trapping from the point of view of the trapper as well as the animals. Interviews with wildlife biologists, veterinarians, and other experts detail the dangers to "nontarget" wildlife and household pets as trappers move away from commercial trapping and begin to specialize in killing "nuisance" animals.

12 February 2017

Bloody Harvest: The Real Cost of Fur (2010)

Over seven months, 30 fur farms, seven hours of footage and one and a half thousand photographs, Animal Defenders International investigated a random sample of Finnish fur farms. This investigation exposes the terrible suffering that is part and parcel of the fur industry.

Life Behind Bars (2002)

A Farm Sanctuary documentary, covering all aspects of animal suffering caused by confinement and mechanized farms.

Shamrock: A Primates Nightmare (1993)

Shamrock Farm was Britain's only non-human primate importation and quarantine centre, located in Small Dole, near Brighton in West Sussex. The centre, owned by Bausch and Lomb, and run by Charles River Laboratories, Inc. for Shamrock (GB) Ltd, closed in 2000 after a 15-month protest by British animal rights activists, who campaigned under the name "Save the Shamrock Monkeys."

Hillgrove Farm: Breed Cats for Torture (1997)

The campaign video by the "Save The Hillgrove Cats" who successfully closed down a vivisection breeder of innocent cats for animal testing, in the 1990's.

8 February 2017

Primates: Far from Home (1983)

While apes and monkeys are not idegenous to North America and other countries there have been millions captured from the wild to be enslaved in vivisection laboratories. This video depicts the common experiment that continue in research labs today.

Beauty Without Cruelty (1977)

Made in India, the program concerns the commercial exploitation of animals. First, animals are shown in their natural habitat and then after each sequence people are shown wearing the products used. The slaughter of elephants for ivory, silkworm breeding, killing of snakes for the skins, the capture and killing of musk deer for the perfume trade, cattle slaughter for leather, hairs being plucked from live pigs for brush bristles, slaughter of dogs for their skins, rabbit farming, and Karakul (Persian lamb farming) are all shown, and in conclusion there is a survey of alternative products. The distributors suggest that the presenter should view the video before showing it and that tape is not suitable for children.

What Price Beauty? (1977)

Made to highlight the plight of animals killed or confined in cramped quarters f or the production of furs and cosmetics. Animals featured include: whales, Musk deer, Karakul lambs, crocodiles, seals and Civet cats. Intended for general audiences.

The Ugliest Show on Earth (1998)

The Ugliest Show on Earth report (USoE) and video chart the findings of an 18-month study and investigation into the use of animals in circuses - the most comprehensive study of animals in circuses ever undertaken.

4 February 2017

Kniven på strupen (2010)

A critical look at Norwegian fur production. The documentary follows a group of activists that in 2010 documented horrible conditions in Norwegian fur farms for the third consecutive year.

Wastage (2010)

The racing industry's secret 'retirement plan' for horses may shock you... As exposed on ABC's 7:30, few horses born into this industry will be lucky enough to see out their old age. For many, they will be killed if they are too slow, injured, or not profitable enough. Industry calls this 'wastage'. This tragedy has continued because it has been well hidden from the public.

2 February 2017

Spotlight on Suffering (2000)

An inside look at the abuses that occur within the circus industry, narrated by celebrities such as Kim Basinger and Belinda Carlisle.

No Gravy for the Cat (1990)

An expose of vivisector John Orem's ride on the federal grant gravy train that tells the remarkable story of how five cats slated for death at Texas Tech escaped on the underground railroad.

Getting Away with Murder (1985)

In student-filmed tapes at SUNY Stony Brook, a rat, some mice, and a rabbit were thrown into a tub with ferrets, prompting the ferrets to attack and eat the animals alive.

Silver Spring Monkeys (1981)

PETA’s undercover investigation of animal abuse at a laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland, led to the first-ever criminal conviction of a U.S. experimenter on animal cruelty charges.