31 December 2016

Got the Facts on Milk? (2008)

Got the facts on Milk? is an entertaining, award winning feature documentary that dares to question the conventional wisdom of the much publicized health benefits of milk and dairy products.


Fowl Play (2008)

Fowl Play is a documentery about the treatment of egg laying hens and other animals. It goes inside of egg corporations that people buy from everyday, and exposes how those animals are being treated, abused, and killed.

Canada: Part of the Pain (1981)

These were the first vivisection videos taken by an organization who wants to stop animal experiments. In 1981 Lifeforce Founder Peter Hamilton and camera person Chas Leckie travelled to numerous research laboratories throughout Canada. The goal was to expose the secretive experiments on animals. The public taxpayers and donors have a right to know. These same and/or similar experiments continue today.

28 December 2016

Justice For Keith Mann (1996)

Campaign video covering demonstrations in support of justice for the legendary ALF activist Keith Mann. 00:00 - 31:29

24 December 2016

Unlock the Labs (1999)

Evidence collected by the NAVS inside British laboratories provides the widest and most accurate picture available of life and death for lab animals. NAVS were the first organization to expose contract testing on animals; to film primates in brain research; to expose the overbreeding of animals; and the only organization whose investigative work has led to a laboratory licence to experiment being revoked. Unlock the Labs contains footage from these investigations.

20 December 2016

Saints & Angels (2008)

"Saints and Angels" is a compelling fictional account of an Animal Liberation cell that has been organized for one evening in order to free animals from the daily tortures of experimentation and other forms of cruelty. Actual interviews and animal liberation footage make this a great introduction to the ALF and the entire movement in general.


18 December 2016

Next of Kin (2006)

The BUAV's Next of Kin charts the lives of monkeys living freely in their rich forest homes in Asia through their journey to Europe to end up being used as tools for the animal research industry.

15 December 2016

It's a Dog's Life (1997)

This documentary showing the abuse of animals at animal testing centre Huntington Life Sciences in the 1990's. Produced by Small World for Channel 4, this documentary has educational value as well as historical importance. This is the original Countryside Undercover investigation which sparked the Close HLS campaign, a campaign which nearly brought HLS to financial insolvency.

Huntingdon Life Sciences - Pure Evil (2005)

Undercover video at Hunting Life Sciences (HLS) proving Animal testing and Animal cruelty. HLS have been infiltrated and exposed a number of times in recent years. Each time horrific evidence of animal abuse and staff incompetence has been uncovered, including workers punching beagle puppies in the face.

Monkey Business (2010)

Footage from the world's largest captive-breeding farm for monkeys for the international research industry. The BUAV went undercover at Nafovanny in Vietnam - a factory-farm for up to 30,000 primates every year. Some of the macaque monkeys you see ended up in the notorious laboratories of Huntingdon Life Sciences and Covance.

12 December 2016

Inside the Dog and Cat Meat Trade (2013)

IDA's shocking undercover footage of South Korean dog farms and Moran Market. See the dogs and cat IDA saved from being slaughtered for human consumption.

11 December 2016

The Foie Gras Assembly Line (2007)

Cruelty exposed inside Elevages Perigord, Canada's largest foie gras producer. An investigation by Farm Sanctuary and Global Action Network.

Trading in Cruelty (2012)

Undercover footage from the BUAV's investigation into the terrible plight of the monkeys on Mauritius, exported to animal testing laboratories around the world for the international animal research industry.

10 December 2016

Licensed to Kill (2013)

A BUAV investigation has released harrowing evidence of animal suffering at a leading university, shedding new light on the reality of animal experiments in the UK.

8 December 2016

Red Waters: Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter (2014)

Faroe Islands - ecological paradise, where free medical care, excellent education and a high standard of living. However, residents of the Faroe Islands is called the last barbarians of Europe. All because of legal hunting in small black whale - grind. While hunting sea turns red. Resembles the process of killing the carnage in which participate both men and women, adults and children. Characters in the film are trying to answer the question of why they kill grind? Oddly enough nobody asked them about it.

7 December 2016

Some Lie Dying (2000)

Each year millions of sheep, pigs and cattle are transported across Europe, often on extremely long journeys. During 1999 Compassion In World Farming investigators have been busy trailing the livestock trucks. The shocking pictures they took are presented in the CIWF film Some Lie Dying.

Elephants in Circuses: Training and Tragedy (2007)

This undercover video footage shows Carson & Barnes Circus' "animal care" director instructing a would-be elephant trainer how to use a sharp, steel-tipped bullhook and Ringling Bros handlers aggressively striking elephants with bullhooks.

Captive Cruelty (2013)

A BUAV investigation in Kenya has uncovered the cruel capture and use of wild baboons for research. Legislation in Kenya relating to animal experiments is outdated and hopelessly inadequate. Wild baboons are captured and held at the Institute of Primate Research under conditions which seriously compromise their welfare and breach international guidelines, before being subjected to disturbing experiments by visiting researchers from the USA and Europe, including the UK.

5 December 2016

Return of the Swift Fox (1988)

The swift fox has suffered from the cultivation of the prairie grasslands, but an innovative program has been implemented to reintroduce the swift fox into its original habitat in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Documenting the history and human misuse of this fragile ecosystem, this short film illustrates the precious balance between human and wildlife use of the environment.

Safer Medicines (2007)

Safer Medicines Trust (formerly Europeans for Medical Progress Trust) showcasing some of the latest technologies that we believe could supplant animal tests in drug development to deliver safer drugs to patients, faster and at less cost. World-leading scientists present their vision for the future of drug safety testing, including microdosing, human tissues, gene chips and computer models.

The Making of a Turkey (1996)

A vintage video from Farm Sanctuary giving a historical look at the turkey industry and the consequences to the birds and consumers alike.

2 December 2016

What Came Before (2012)

Follow the rescue of three different farm animals and learn about what came before. Narrated by Steve-O, and ardent animal advocate, you will be taken on a journey through the hell-on-earth of factory farming you will never forget.

Born to Die (2014)

A BUAV investigation has uncovered the shocking use of very young puppies and kittens in experiments in a UK laboratory. The investigation carried out at MSD Animal Health revealed that the animals were between 4 weeks to 6 months old when they were used in testing and killed. This is a secret the research industry would never want to be released into the public domain.

1 December 2016

Dance of Death (2006)

Bullfighting takes place in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, China, USA and Venezuela. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports encourages visitors to these countries to boycott the bullrings and avoid purchasing bullfighting-related souvenirs. Footage courtesy of the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Alla torskar (2009)

'For Cod's Sake' is an international documentary about the fate of the Baltic Sea cod. For years the stock has been declining. Finally, a small recovery has been noted, but scientist disagree about the extent of the recovery. Is the cod really back - or is a wipe-out still imminent?