22 July 2017

Den fine pelskåpa di (1977)

A Norwegian anti-fur movie made by Bredo Greve and Svein Krøvel back in 1977. Greve was hired to make the movie by the Swiss company "European Committee for the Protection of Seals and other fur Animals", and was shot guerilla-style at a fur-animal farm near Oslo. Despite its good reception, it has rarely been seen by the public.

20 July 2017

Raid on Reykjavik Reloaded (2012)

On the November 6th 1986, the small and sleepy capital of Iceland woke up to a very special morning. Twenty five years after the sabotage a young journalist is coming to Iceland to write the piece on the renewed whaling. Instead she starts to follow a fascinating story of a sabotage, try to learn about its motives and actual executing as well as consequences.